Pearl and Madonna Necklace


The classic sleek rosary perfect for chic aesthetic lovers. Wear this to work, church, a date, or anywhere you go for protection & love <3

Material: 18K Gold Plated Brass, Fresh Water Pearl

Size: 40.5cm

Origin: California, USA

Each product packed with SOCALI  premium pouch, together with material care card.


Brass is durable and with proper care can stay with you a lifetime. Finished brass jewelry does not tarnish, and it’s nickel-free and easy to clean. Since it's gold or silver plated, it won't turn your skin to green.
18K gilding is used to achieve gold color with beautiful shade and make the product resistant to the external environment.


Jewelry Care

When not in use, jewelry should be carefully stored. Avoid wearing during exercise to prevent oxidation. Avoid direct contact with perfume & chemicals. Avoid scratching by not colliding against hard objects.

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